Khamis, 4 April 2013

Imported Car Should Be Banned

Azhar : Nowadays, Malaysian auto industry landscape has certainly been more interesting than it has ever been. There are now far more choices available to consumers who are looking to buy a car than ever before. Automotive technology is getting more accessible. But, the main problem occur in our local car industry is the challenge from other country that we imported their car and sales it. Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, and Mitusubishis are examples of brand cars that famous around the world that we imported it. Should government banned imported cars? How about your opinion?

Amirul : Thank you  my dear friend. In my opinion, government should banned imported cars because Malaysian people can support their local car industry. The automobile industry in Malaysia is Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Berhad (PROTON). It is the national car project whose brainchild was none other than the Prime Minister Dr Mahathir himself. Since the inception of PROTON and subsequently PERODUA, the country second national car company, Malaysia maintains several measures to protect its local automobile industry which includes a host of other automotive components, spare parts and accessories vendors supporting the national cars by imposing one of the highest tax duties on automobiles and motorcycles in South East.

Hafifi : Excuse me, but it promotes healthy competition in the car industry.

Amirul : What are you trying to say?

Hafifi : What I mean is when we import other cars, we as customer can choice the best among the best cars that sold. We can compare the quality and the price of imported car with our car. One of the most competitive markets in the world today is probably the auto industry with its many car brands competing fiercely against each other. Toyota, Ford top car brands in consumer perception. Dealer list is divided into categories based on car brands or the state names.

Azhar : I don’t think so. It will increase suddenly the selling of local car and our car industry will not competition  too high with foreign companies. Malaysian people will get more benefit where they affordable to buy local car without pay extra tax. How about your opinion Naim?

Naim : If you want my honest opinion, I think imported cars should not be band but our government must to set an amount for the import car. It is because imported car is better quality models than local car such as the famous brand like BMW from German and Mitsibushi from Japan. As we know when people want to buy car, the first factor they look is about quality. So, if we compare imported car and local car I think consumer like to choose imported car. It is because imported car is better quality models than local car. I want you all try to imagine if imported cars had be band it not fair for consumer because if they want to buy car they must to choose local car because imported cars had be band.

Hafifi : I’m still stay with my point that imported car should not be banned as there will has a healthy competition between local car and  imported car. As all we know, when there is a competition, the company will try the best to maintain their sales from being loss and will do anything to attract people to buy their products. This is including by producing a more quality car and ensure the price is affordable and fulfill the customer need and it function.

Naim : No doubt about it. Some people say that our local car is bad quality where component always  damaged and  need to repair every month. That why Malaysian not like to buy their local car. Mostly people likes imported car because it quality better compared that our car.

Azhar : From our argument here, we can conclude that imported car should not be banned. This is because the points that agree to banned is not too strong to support their statement. From our discussion, local car company should improved their car quality and ensure the price is affordable to Malaysian people to buy it.

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